Ballet REAL Bitcoin. What Cryptocurrency Investors Need!


Ballet REAL Bitcoin

Ballet REAL Bitcoin Let’s say it’s a necessity for cryptocurrency investors! We need to be careful of hacking and strengthen security.

MaterialStainless Steel
Form FactorPhysical
Item Weight38.6 Grams
Ballet REAL Bitcoin

Ballet REAL Bitcoin. About this item

  • Making Crypto Easy: Zero setup required; ready to use right out of the box.
  • Non-Electronic Cold Storage: It has no electronic components or connections, so it’s safe from hacking, malware, and data degradation.
  • High Durability: Made of stainless steel, engineered for longevity to preserve generational wealth.
  • Buy and Swap Crypto: Ballet Crypto offers the ability to swap crypto assets and buy crypto assets with fiat currency.
  • Multicurrency and NFT Storage: Each Ballet wallet supports 200+ of the most popular cryptocurrencies and NFT collections.
  • REAL Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Wallets are made of stainless steel. The Stainless Steel and Gold-Plated REAL Bitcoin Wallets are functionally identical, only differing in appearance and price.
  • Ballet REAL Series Cryptocurrency Wallets are sold empty without any crypto assets stored on them. The listed price is for the empty physical wallet only.

Ballet REAL Series Cryptocurrency Wallet: 

The Ballet REAL Series cryptocurrency wallet is an offline cold storage wallet that gives you physical control of your digital assets. It’s a robust stainless steel card with a two-factor cryptographic private key securely concealed under a tamper-evident sticker. On the front side of the card is a QR code showing the wallet’s cryptocurrency deposit address. You can deposit crypto to your REAL Series wallet simply by scanning the QR code with your current wallet and sending whatever amount you want. No setup is required; it’s ready to use right out of the box.

The Ballet Crypto app is the digital companion for your physical REAL Series wallet. 

The app and the physical wallet work together to provide the convenience of a software wallet with the security of an offline hardware wallet. In the app you can monitor and manage multiple wallets through a seamless visual interface. It includes all the essential functions of a software wallet as well as the ability to buy and swap crypto assets.

    Ballet REAL Bitcoin. Please Note

    1. The primary account deposit address is shown on the QR code sticker. You can instantly deposit the primary account cryptocurrency to your Ballet wallet by scanning the QR code with your other wallet.

    Deposit addresses for the other 100+ coins and 60+ NFT collections we currently support can be found in the Ballet Crypto app after you have scanned your wallet’s QR code and added it to the app.

    2. Do NOT peel off the QR code sticker or remove the scratch-off until you are ready to send or swap crypto.

    3. Do NOT dispose of the QR code sticker after you have peeled it off; put it back on the wallet to conceal the yellow encrypted private key sticker.

    4. Ballet wallets are manufactured using a patented two-factor key generation (2FKG) process that utilizes the BIP38 open-source standard. The two-factor private key on each Ballet wallet is composed of a wallet passphrase (No. 6) and an encrypted private key (No. 7). The encrypted private key and passphrase are both required in order to send or swap crypto.

    5. The Ballet Crypto app does NOT store your wallet’s private key on your device. The BIP38 two-factor private key (composed of an encrypted private key and passphrase) is stored on the physical Ballet wallet itself, and nowhere else.

    6. REAL Series wallets are sold without any cryptocurrency stored on them.

    Ballet REAL Bitcoin
    Dimensions3.3 inch x 2.2 inch x 0.04 inch
    Weight1.25 ounce
    Top layer sticker size1.65 inch x 1.3 inch
    Bottom layer sticker size1.34 inch x 1.06 inch
    Material304 stainless steel / 24K gold-plated 304 stainless steel
    Industry StandardsBIP38 Open-Source Standard
    Private Key SecurityTwo-factor key generation (2FKG) method based on BIP38 open-source standard.
    Supported Coins & NFTsSupports 200+ crypto assets
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