Ethereum Node Must be checked!


Ethereum Node. important to Web3?

Ethereum Node is simply any computer running the software needed to connect with the Ethereum network. Nodes connect with one another to send information back and forth to validate transactions and store data about the state of the blockchain.

Each node maintains its own copy of the blockchain and works to ensure this copy checks out with all the other nodes and their respective copies.  Anytime you do anything and a new block needs to be added to the blockchain, every single node on the network has to process it.

Ethereum Node

What are the different types of nodes?

There are three types of nodes: 

  • light nodes
  • full nodes 

A light node downloads only the block headers, which is the minimum data it needs to transact on the network. A light node can validate a transaction because it is able to regenerate the specific block it needs to check by using this data. 

This enables light nodes to efficiently interact with the network and save megabytes of bandwidth and gigabytes of storage.  Because of this, light nodes can run on everyday devices with limited memory resources, like smartphones and laptops. 

Why is running a node difficult?

Getting a node up and running can be a lengthy and challenging process. This is especially true if you are new to the Web3 world and don’t have the technical expertise (at least, not yet). 

Just the potential weeks it takes for a full node to sync to all +10M nodes for the current state of blockchain can turn off many from building in the space. 

Costs are also a factor, and they can add up quickly. These include the high initial investment to purchase hardware and the ongoing costs of electricity and server hosting. When operating a node you have to also make sure it is constantly in operation. Laggy internet, electric outages, or hardware issues can lead to costly downtime.

When to use node-as-a-service?

If this all seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry! Whether you’re just getting started or think you’re spending too much time and money on node problems, then nodes-as-a-service might be the solution for you. 

Node providers like Alchemy run nodes so you can focus on developing your application. It’s incredibly easy to integrate most providers – it’s often just an API to  get started reading and writing onto the blockchain. 

Ethereum Node

What are some problems with scaling Ethereum nodes?


Some requests will ask the node to query all the way back from log zero to the current block and can time out.  These “queries of death” can crash a node and can happen at any time of the day. Even if a node is 72% reliable like a standard node

Data Consistency 

In Web2, sites are able to work around these issues of scalability by using load balancers, a network layer that sits on the top and distributes traffic across indistinguishable servers. This isn’t possible with nodes because blockchain is asynchronous. While two nodes should share an identical latest block eventually, at any given time, one might lag behind another.

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